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Friday, 24 April 2015

Go for it!!!

We’ve all been flea trained. 

Here’s the powerful analogy: 

Fleas are incredible jumpers. 

In fact, a flea can jump over 150 times its own size. 

If a human had the same strength, we could jump over 900 feet high. 

In fact, a flea can jump 30,000 times without taking a break. 

Imagine if we had that kind of strength and stamina. 

We could accomplish almost anything physically. 

But when you put a flea inside a jar with a lid on it, the flea will, of course, begin to jump over and over again.

However, after a while it tires out from hitting its head against the lid, so it will start jumping lower. 

In fact, you can actually remove the lid and the flea will still only jump as high as where the lid was. 

In other words, the fleas will never escape the jar because they have been “re-programmed” to jump lower from their surrounding environment.

The flea now has a new set of LIMITING beliefs. 

What about you? 

Have you been FLEA TRAINED? 

Have you been conditioned to jump only so high? 

Have you hit your head up against life’s situations so many times that you are tired of trying or don’t believe in yourself? 

Have you had the wind taken out of your sails through discouragement, ridicule, and failures? 

I know I have at times. 

And it’s my #1 HATER. 


- Fear and worry of what others will think.

- Fear and worry of being rejected.

- Fear and worry of failure.

- Fear and worry of loss.

- Fear and worry of pain.

It’s a normal part of life. 

We all have feelings of worry and anxiety about the things we fear most. 

But if we’re not careful, it can paralyse us mentally and physically. 
These emotions can be paralysing if we're not consciously aware of controlling them.

- Worry is a noose around our neck.  

- It’s a distraction of the mind. 

If you think about it..

My advice?

Don’t listen to the whines of those who want to try and Flea Train you…

…Those who have settled for a second rate life and want you to do the same so they don’t feel guilty.

Your goal is not necessarily to live long. Yes, we all want to age gracefully, but think about it; we’re here for a blink of an eye compared to eternity. 

Your goal should be to LIVE…. 

To live lean. 

To live healthy. 

To live happy. 

There is a beauty and a wonder to life. 

Pursue it. 

Hunt for it. 

Just don’t compromise your values or sell out to get it.

And don’t listen to the naysayers who want to Flea Train you.  

Face your fears. 

Move overseas. 

Teach or attend the class. 

Schedule the photo shoot. 

Enter the contest. 

Change careers and pursue your passion. 

Run for office (if you’re crazy enough lol). 

Make a difference in the world!

Sure it isn’t safe, but what is?

After all --- you could get hit by a bus tomorrow. 

You NEVER know.  

You only have ONE life. 

Do it now. 


Your friend and coach,