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Monday, 29 September 2014

Balance giving and receiving

Logo tou epaggelmatos mou niotho oti polles fores diskoleuomai na po oxi kai afino tous allous na vasizontai pano mou. kamia fora fortonomai provlimata apo ton kako xeirismo mou na arnitho. katanoo oti einai diko mou thema kai tha ithela na veltiotho gia vazo ta oria ston eauto mou.euxiristo - MA
Thank you for your question MA
I meet so many people that are faced with your condition, who cannot say No! And I meet an equal number of people who are faced with exactly the opposite condition, which is to always say No and refuse to offer their help.
Both conditions are destructive to the person that chooses to act in this way and as an extent destructive to their environment.
The ideal would be to be able to balance the giving with the receiving with the same grace and ease!
To achieve this one has to start letting go of any past programming and beliefs. And this takes time, commitment, knowledge, patience and practice!
Give yourself the best gift, which is learning how to live your life with the minimum amount of friction! If you don't give yourself the time to learn, then you will continue to experience the condition your described above!
Be loving to YOU!