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Monday, 16 May 2016


There are no 'difficulties' in life. There are only challenges. Challenges for us to rise above our fear, our negativity. And to move towards love and compassion.
If we start perceiving everything in our life as a challenge for growth, then life will 'reward' us with something great. (It will actually be our perception of something great!)
Try to be positive at all times 
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Friday, 13 May 2016


Καλή σας μέρα!
Το ευτύχημα είναι ότι όλοι μπορούν ν' αλλάξουν!
Φτάνει να μάθουν πως και να το εξασκήσουν!
Και όταν αλλάξουν, τότε αλλάζει και ο κόσμος μέσα στον οποίο ζουν!
'Γίνε η αλλαγή που θέλεις να δεις στο κόσμο!'
Είμαι καθημερινή μάρτυρας αυτού του φαινομένου!

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Letting go

Let go of the old to make room for the new!
Αφήνοντας, σημαίνει ότι ανταλλάσσω κάτι που δεν δουλεύει για την ΕΛΕΥΘΈΡΙΑ!
Επίσης σημαίνει ότι ανοίγω την πιθανότητα να δημιουργήσω κάτι ΥΠΈΡΟΧΟ στο μέλλον!
Οπότε, άφησε συναισθήματα, ανθρώπους και καταστάσεις που δεν σου επιτρέπουν να είσαι ΕΥΤΥΧΙΣΜΈΝΗ!

Saturday, 7 May 2016

5 ways to reduce stress

5 ways to reduce stress:

1. Release the belief that you are responsible for everyone and everything! (You are only responsible for yourself!)
2. Let go of perfectionism! (It is a waste of your valuable time!)
3. Ask for and accept help from others! (Learning to balance giving and taking helps you move forward!)
4. Finish projects, tasks, chores that you've been putting off! (unfinished work always creates more stress!)
5. Focus on what's important and the rest will take care of itself! (trust that there is abundance and love all around you!

Tuesday, 19 April 2016


“Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all others.” – Cicero
It is discontent that opens up our heart to many of the unhealthy habits in our lives.
Materialism is, after all, the natural behavior born out of discontent with the possessions that we own. We live in a society that breeds discontent by defining the American Dream as owning bigger homes, nicer cars, and fuller closets. Advertisers foster this sense of dissatisfaction by promising greater happiness with their products. And too often, we foolishly fall into their trap without realizing it.
But there are other unhealthy habits in our lives born out of discontent. For example, dishonesty is born out of discontent with the truth. Greed is born out of discontent with our current supply. Substance abuse is born out of displeasure with the current state of our lives. Even many of the feuds in our families are born out of discontent with our closest relationships.
If discontent is the cause of many of our unhealthy habits, contentment is the cure.
And if contentment is the cure, gratitude is the pathway to it.
- Gratitude provides proper understanding of our place in the world.
- Gratitude is the feeling and expression of thankfulness for the actions of others that are costly to them and beneficial to us.
- By definition, gratitude requires humility. It requires us to admit we have been the recipient of something we did not deserve. And it calls us to admit there are no entirely self-made men or women.
- Gratitude assigns worth to those who rightly deserve it. Whether I am thanking a parent, a spouse, a veteran, a teacher, a policeman, or a mentor who has invested into my life, my response of gratitude to their action gives the praise and worth to those who rightly deserve it.
- Gratitude directs attention to what we already have.
- Gratitude always requires our attention to be focused on the good things we already possess. It calls us to notice our blessings and take greater appreciation of them. As a result, our eyes are turned away from the things that are fostering the discontent in our hearts.
- Gratitude improves our overall well-being. Scientific studies over and over again confirm what we already know to be true:
- Grateful people are happier people.
- Grateful people routinely report increased well-being, better health, healthier lifestyles, increased optimism, and a more positive outlook on life (source).
- Additionally, those who display a high level of gratitude are much more likely to have below-average levels of materialism (source).
- Gratitude is not a result of our circumstances. I can attest first-hand that gratitude is not a result of circumstances. I have met grateful people in some of the poorest neighborhoods in our world and I have met grateful people in some of the richest neighborhoods in our country. I have also met ungrateful people in both. Gratitude is a decision and a discipline–not a response.
- Gratitude opens the door to contentment.
- Gratitude helps us better understand our place in the world. It pushes our praise to those who rightly deserve it. It causes us to focus on the good things we already have regardless of our present circumstances. It improves our well-being in almost every regard. As a result, it is the surest pathway to contentment.
And that being the case, maybe more gratitude is the only thing we really need.

Saturday, 9 April 2016

Slow down

If you rush around in your life, you won't have time to enjoy it!
So take time to enjoy this wonderful journey called life!
Cultivate your patience and understanding!
Get in touch with your inner self through meditation and relax!
Live, Laugh, Love everyday! 

Friday, 8 April 2016


Open your mind, open your heart, open your eyes to see and appreciate beauty, which is all around you!
When you have a closed mind, heart and eyes, then everything seems dull, dark and ugly!
So, go ahead and open up! It's easy! It's beautiful, it's liberating! smile emoticon

Monday, 4 April 2016

Progress vs perfection

If you're striving for perfection, you will always be falling short of your own or others idea of 'perfection'!
Progress on the other hand will help you expand and grow at a steady pace and will add onto who you are!